Welcome. I’m Dan, a 90s kid from the UK who definitely knows how to live his best life whilst not breaking the bank. People constantly ask how I am always hopping on a plane to a new destination nearly every month, how I make every meal from scratch at amazing quality for under £15 a week and how I live a happy and social life without ever moaning about money issues.

I grew up from a family with little money, so I know the struggles of really being on a budget. When I went to university, the budget mentality that my parents were always using stuck with me and I used to live off £30 a week until I got a part-time job during my second year of university (yes, I can’t believe it either).

Now, as a graduate professional, working in the awesome city of Bristol, the budget mentality has still not worn off and I think it’s something that never will. I have learnt through my (quite short so far) life that you don’t have to spend big to have a great life – spending less and doing more is what really makes life great.

Join me on my journey as I blog my way though how a millennial like myself, lives life low cost and how you can pick up a few tips and tricks on the way!


The idea of starting this website occurred when I booked yet another plane ticket and requested time off work. My colleague enthusiastically shouted across the office “you need to tell me how to get these cheap flights!” And thats when I thought… if I could tell her, perhaps I could tell the internet and the whole world?

As a Geography graduate, it’s in my blood to want to explore the world. But we all know how expensive travel can be. I’ve spent hours upon hours researching and educating myself on budget travel and learning from first hand experiences (both good and bad). I’ve learnt that travel can be in-expensive, full of opportunities and experiences that will be with you forever and perhaps open your mind to new ideas.

I really got into the art of cooking whilst at university, as a young 18 year old just trying to get through the week on my tight student loan budget. From exploring new ingredients and new ways to cook (mainly from YouTube videos), I found that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on food to make delicious and healthy meals. I’ll be uploading recipes for you to try out and see how you don’t need anything fancy to eat tasty and healthy meals.

In my day to day life, I try to have a low cost and minimalistic outlook on life. I believe that money should be spent on experiences and memories, rather than materialistic purchases. I believe that conforming to society’s expectations is often what leaves people in budget problems and there is no need meet any expectations at all. I’ll show you the small and easy changes I make in my day to day life to save myself money and live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

I’m really hoping that this website will help you in some way, whether it’s to educate or inspire. I encourage you to live the life you’ve always wanted. I hope that the website becomes a tool for you to perhaps take more control of your finances or live a simpler way of life and enjoying life on a budget.