7 Myths of Low Cost Airlines

Low cost airlines are amazing. Period. Over the past 10 years, low cost airlines have taken over the aviation industry across the globe. Yet, they have received many sceptical comments, especially in the media. From the apparent hidden fees to the bad service, the press have a field day when it comes to writing articles about low cost airlines. But, from experience, non of thats true.
So here’s some rumours you’ve heard flying around that are myths:
1. “Too good to be true?”
When I tell friends about the £9.99 flight I took to Germany, they’re about as shocked as I was when I booked it myself – but yes, it’s true! There are thousands of cheap flights all over the world with low cost airlines and they are that cheap. It’s not a scam and nobody is going to steal your credit card details. So go ahead and take advantage of them!
2. “There’s loads of hidden fees”
So many times people have said to me that low cost airlines are not as low cost as they make themselves out to be due to all their ‘hidden fees’. Yes, there could be extra fees if you choose to pay for them, but they are not hidden. In fact, they very transparent during the booking procedure. Most commonly referring to hold luggage fees, costing you around £20. You can avoid the extra luggage fees by packing light and taking your luggage on board with you – you’d be surprised how much you can fit into the cabin baggage limits.
3. “But don’t get free food and drink on board”
This is one I don’t even respond to. Some like to complain that low cost airlines don’t offer that free diet coke and bag of mini-pretzels on their 45 minute flight to Amsterdam. Nothing is ever free. The food and drink onboard regular airlines are included in your ticket price, which will probably be over £100 more expensive than the low cost airline. Is that diet coke worth over £100? There is no rule stopping you from taking your own snacks on board. For a drink, once you’ve passed security, take an empty water bottle and fill it up at either a water fountain or ask a food outlet to do so.
4. “I’ve seen prices as expensive as regular airlines”
Yes, sometimes the low cost airlines aren’t much cheaper and could sometimes be the same as regular airlines. However, you’re never going to get a regular airline flight to Europe for under £10. Getting cheap flights depends on you planning and finding the best deal – including booking in advance, your travel dates, times and the destination. Being flexible with your travel means you can find the cheapest flights and explore more destinations.

5. “They’re so uncomfortable”
Unless you’re flying business or first class, all aeroplanes are uncomfortable. Yes, there may be a little less leg room than regular airlines, but when you’re on a 2 hour flight to Europe that cost you under £10 – does it matter? I am 6ft 5″ tall and have flown many times on both regular and low cost airlines and can confidently say that there has been no difference in how comfortable the seats are. To stretch your legs, walk around the plane for a few minutes every so often – your bank balance will thank you.
6. “Booking with them is risky, they could go bankrupt”
As mentioned before, low cost airlines are at the top of the aviation industry right now. EasyJet is one of the most successful airlines in the UK, making up for almost 45% of the UK-based air traffic and over 65 million passengers a year. The airlines currently in trouble are the big name airlines, currently lowering their prices to compete. Don’t worry, your money is safe.
7. “The service is bad”

The service is no different to that on a regular airline. I have never experienced bad service on any flight I have been on (except during a domestic flight in China, but thats another story). The cabin crew are there to do a job, whether it’s on a RyanAir service or a British Airways service. Don’t let that one flight your neighbour told you about 5 years ago stop you from flying with that airline – every airline has moments of bad service. Try it out yourself and then make a judgement.

So there you have it – you have nothing to be scared of. You can comfortably book your next trip away with a low cost airline and see for yourself that low cost airlines are what you’ve been missing out on. What are some of the worst myths you’ve heard about low cost airlines? Tell me in the comments below!

Until next time – live your best life, low cost!



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  1. Nice read. Do you have twitter? I enjoy this site.

  2. Ryanair have flights for £4.99 sometimes from Stansted which is crazy. I’d love to know how they make any money. Enjoyed reading this post, especially about how people complain about having no food or drink for a couple of hours… get a life.

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